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Team building with improvisational games is a fun and easy way to get your team singing off the same song sheet, seeing eye-to-eye and mentally and physically aligned with you and with each other.

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Make your smart team more graceful and creative under pressure
Solving the 4 problems every smart team faces
Cindy Tonkin's team building sessions work directly on the team's trust levels
Any of these problems sound familiar?


Comms are a luxury
They believe communications are a luxury. So they keep you out of the loop (until it's too late) or they embarrass you in meetings.


Each Project is a Silo
They don't share what they know, and make the same mistakes over.


They think no one cares
So they don't either

They struggle with interactions
They hate
delivering bad news and managing conflict.
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Being technically competent isn't enough to succeed as a consultant.
Cindy wrote Consulting Mastery (originally published by Allen and Unwin) to flesh out what it takes to really consult well. 
Because client's & stakeholders can't judge your specialist ability they can judge you by what they can see: that includes "beside your manner" when your team pay attention to how they consult and advise and work cohesively it shows. 
The biggest risk is doing nothing.
Do something. 
Cindy has written articles for and been interviewed on radio and in print press.

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three to hundreds

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